SongBook '11 UPNP

UPNP, DLNA and Linn DS Control for iPhone and iPod touch

SongBook gives you full control of your music system, with a responsiveness and level of refinement that means it doesn't get between you and the music.

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Full Control.

Each UPNP device has it's own music queue, the queue is a list of tracks that are ready to play. A queue can be an album, a random playlist, or a sequence of albums. Some people like to make very large queues (up to 1000 tracks) and let them play on random play. Once you have added tracks to a queue you can reorder or delete the tracks by using the 'Edit' button. You'll always see what track is playing as it is highlighted in the queue listing.

Once a queue is playing you have the option of putting it on Repeat, or selecting Shuffle to play random tracks. You can seek to a position within a track by tapping on the track progress bar.

Queues are saved so if you exit SongBook and return later your queue will still be there.

Your music library at your fingertips.

Browse, Sort, and Filter your UPNP media libraries. SongBook includes full album art images while browsing. On the iPhone the album image is shown next to albums and music tracks, on the iPad you have a choice of two views, a text view that gives you all the details of the music you are viewing, and an album view that shows off your album images.

A handy index on the right side of the display allows you to jump directly to the place you are interested in.

You can sort listings by track number or alphabetically. Scroll up to reveal a Search Filter which lets you quickly narrow down what you are searching for.

Once you have found the music you want to play you have three options, simply tap on a track to add it to the current music queue, tap 'Play All' to play the current tracks immediately, or tap 'Queue All' to add all the current tracks at the end of the current queue. SongBook highlights tracks that are in the current queue, so you always know what you have already added.

Internet Radio.

SongBook includes a fully licensed RadioTime directory, so you can browse hundreds of internet radio stations right from within SongBook. You can also edit your presets without the need to go to the RadioTime web site.


One music system is not enough for everyone. Many people want to have more than one system in their house. SongBook lets you see what is playing in all the Zones in your house in one simple view. You can even adjust the volume directly while viewing the other Zones, or turn everything off at the end of an evening with one tap.

And of course, SongBook works fine for users who have multiple houses.

It's Fast.

SongBook uses special methods to start up as quickly as it can. We know how important that is, you don't want to wait to access your music, so we worked very hard on making startup and waking from sleep as quick as we could. We've also worked on making browsing really fast, album art images pop up almost instantly as you scroll through your music collection, if you jump to a new location the album images will start appearing quickly too, even if you have a huge music collection.

Save Playlists.

Once you've gone to the effort of creating a music queue you may want to keep it for the future. SongBook lets you save Playlists directly on your iOS device, ready for playing later. If you have a Bookshelf Apps Mediaserver (SongBook Mac or Media Manager) you can also save playlists to the server, ready for sharing with others.

Full screen.

Sometimes you want to see the album art full size, not just in the queue listing. SongBook gives you a full screen view just for that purpose. On the iPhone or iPod touch. Swipe left or right to skip tracks. Tap to play or pause. (iPhone only). On the iPad your album art is huge.

Full screen view shows extra information about a track such as it's Genre, File Format and Bitrate.

Volume control.

You can control the volume either by tapping at either ends of the volume control, or by pressing on the knob and dragging. Tapping directly on the slider will not cause the volume to jump as this is almost always a bad idea. We have also added a volume limit feature, this is especially useful when letting others control SongBook.

Volume control may not be supported on all UPNP devices (Naim Uniti for example).

Devices and upgrades.

SongBook UPNP works on the iPhone and iPod touch, a separate version, SongBook UPNP HD is available for the iPad. We've worked really hard to upgrade the features of SongBook, so early users have seen a steady increase in features, all at no extra cost.

SongBook UPNP comes as a free download with limited features. To unlock the full features you must upgrade using the In App purchasing.

Supported Media Servers