SongBook touch

Linn DS Control for Mac OS X, iPhone and iPod touch

SongBook lets you control your Linn Klimax DS, Akurate DS, Majik DS or Sneaky Music DS from your iPhone or iPod touch.

A controller worthy of your Linn DS

SongBook gives you full control of your music system, with a responsiveness and level of refinement that means it doesn't get between you and the music

  • Full album art support
  • Display of track format and bitrate
  • Seek to position in a track
  • Use gestures (swipe left and right) to skip tracks

Your entire music library at your fingertips

Browse sort and filter your UPNP media libraries, includes full album art support.

  • Index for skipping directly to the right place in large lists
  • Three sort options, Album and Track (123), Alphabetical (Abc), and Unsorted (---)
  • Simple filter lets your narrow down your search
  • Two playlist add options, 'Play Now' and 'Add To Playlist'

More space for your music

Now with less clutter and more room for your music.

  • See all the details of your playlist
  • Save playlists on your iPhone for later
  • Reorder and delete tracks
  • Shuffle and Repeat controls
  • Large volume slider, tap at either end for fine control

Control your whole house in one view

In the rooms view you can clearly see what is happening in each of your rooms, and not only that you can change the volume in each room indvidually.

  • See the status of all your music systems in one view
  • See what tracks are playing
  • Set standby in each room
  • Instantly pause all playing music