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If you’re looking for help with one of our products, this is the place to be. First, check to see if your question is answered in our “Frequently Asked Questions” area, if not, feel free to email us at You should hear back within a few days at the most, often sooner. If you don't hear back don't hesitate to try again, very occasionally our spam filter has incorrectly deleted a message, and although we check on this it could still happen.

The fastest way to get your issue resolved is to send an email message to the support address. Posting to a public forum or on the blog here may get noticed, but it is not as reliable as an email message. With email support we always reply within a few days, and support requests are tracked to ensure that the issue is resolved.

When sending a support email the more information sent the better. It is important to send as much of the following as possible:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Check here to see if your question has already been answered.

Licensing and Upgrades

Do I have to pay for upgrades?
Generally we charge for upgrades for major version updates, but not for minor or bug fix upgrades. Although this is normal, the upgrade to version 3 is a free update for both Mac and iPhone. We've added features such as RadioTime support and a new iPad version in the 3.0 upgrade, so this is really good value.
I've heard an update is available, but my iPhone/iPod does not show an update.
This does happen from time to time. For some reason the App Store loses the link to the update. If you find this is the case you can fix things up by repurchasing SongBook. Providing you are logged in to the App Store with the same account that you used to make the original purchase you will not be charged again. The store remembers that you have already paid.
I tried SongBook Mac 3 beta, but want to go back to Version 2.2.1
You can do this simply by deleting the file at /Users/[you]/Library/Application Support/SongBook/songbook.sql. Now run the older version of SongBook again and everything should be back to normal.

SongBook DS

Strange things are happening, the playlist is empty when I start up.

One thing that causes problems for many users is the UpnpAv interface that is present in the Linn DS. Linn DS's have two software interfaces, a Playlist interface that contains Linn specific UPNP extensions, and a UpnpAv interface that uses standard UPNP commands. The Playlist interface is superior to the UPNP interface, but the UPNP interface is retained for compatibility with other devices. For software such as SongBook that supports the Playlist interface this causes some confusion. You can see if you are using the UpnpAv interface by looking at the name of the current source in the Zones view. If the source name ends in 'Playlist' then you have the correct one, if it ends in 'UpnpAv' then it is incorrect, you should change to the Playlist source.

The best thing to do is to disable the UpnpAv interface so that it does not get in the way. To do this you need to turn off the UpnpAv interface on your DS, you can do this with either Linn's Konfig application or through the web interface. You may also see a separate 'Room' in the Zones view with a name that ends in 'MediaRenderer'. This is also the UpnpAv interface, to hide this press the 'Rescan' button and when scanning locate the UPNP MediaRenderer device. Tap on this device to change the green light to grey which disables this device. Now tap 'Done' and the UPNP device will not show anymore.

My MediaServer is not appearing
This could be one of two problems. First you should rescan the network and leave the scan until it discovers all your devices. You can rescan by going to the Zones page and pressing the Rescan button. When scanning make sure your MediaServer has been found.
The other possible issue is that your Linn system is not configured correctly. The important thing to check is that on your preamp settings the name of the input source that your DS is connected to must be named with the same name as the DS itself. This is how Linn systems match up the preamp input to the DS.
I don't like how SongBook sorts tracks in the Library listings.
SongBook displays music tracks and albums in the order that MediaServer uses (by default). You have some control of this in the configuration web pages for your MediaServer. You also have the option of sorting by album and track number (123 button) or alphabetically (Abc button).
I'm having trouble with my ReadyNAS server, what can I do?
The ReadyNAS server includes the fuppes MediaServer by default. Most users install Twonky server on their ReadyNAS and therefore should disable the built in server. You can turn it off under the Control Panel in the Streaming Services Page.
Some servers also are slow at responding, maybe because of a slow RAID controller or because they are busy indexing the files or doing some other task. Newer versions of SongBook have increased the timeout interval to work around this, so if you are having trouble you should make sure you have the latest SongBook release.
I am planning to buy a RipNas device ( with AssetUPNP pre-installed. Does SongBook work with AssetUPNP?
Yes. We test with AssetUPNP and many of our users are using it.
SongBook does not show a volume control, the pictures on the web site do show one.
This is because SongBook has not found a Preamp device attached to your DS. This is because of the configuration of your system, you may need to add an RS232 cable between your DS and Preamp, and you will need to configure this connection with LinnConfig. Normally your dealer will do this for your. Of course you need a Linn Preamp for the preamp controls to work.
I tried ChorusDS Mac and now can't stop the server
ChorusDS includes a background process that runs a server. This can interfere with SongBooks own server. To remove ChorusDS you need to manually remove the files and then reboot to stop the process. You should delete these files (as well as the ChorusDS app):
  • /Users/[you]/Library/Preferences/org.the-hardings.ChorusDS.plist
  • /Users/[you]/Library/Preferences/org.the-hardings.ChorusServer.plist
  • /Users/[you]/Library/LaunchAgents/org.the-hardings.ChorusServer.plist
  • /Users/[you]/Library/LaunchAgents/org.the-hardings.ChorusDaemon.plist
You may need to do this for each user that you have run ChorusDS under.

SongBook DigiFi

I cannot get SongBook DigiFi to connect to my DigiFi Device
You probably do not have up to date firmware. SongBook DigiFi requires the 1.5 firmware release or later. Check with your dealer to see if an update is available.

SongBook Naim

I cannot get SongBook Naim to connect to my HDX Device.
You probably do not have up to date firmware. SongBook Naim requires the 1.5 firmware release or later. Check with your dealer to see if an update is available.
Does SongBook Naim support the UnitiServe?
Yes, the UnitiServe is fully supported. Within the one application you can control players from both the Uniti and HDX range.
I can browse my music library, but nothing plays.
Some explanation is useful here, you may already know this, but just in case... The HDX is a fully self contained device and has it's own software. It also contains a UPNP server that is designed to support UPNP devices such as the Uniti. The Uniti is a UPNP player and can use the HDX as a server. SongBook Naim supports both the HDX software and UPNP, so the UPNP server is shown even though in your case it is not needed.
What is going wrong is that you have selected the UPNP side of things, not the HDX.
So to get you working we need to switch to the HDX source. To do this tap on the Zone button and you should see your HDX in the listing. If you don't, which may be the case, then the initial scan did not find the HDX. Sometimes it takes quite some time to find HDX's, maybe 15 seconds or more, so if you pressed 'Done' before the HDX appeared then this is the source of the problem. If this is the case follow these instructions:
  • In the Zone's view press the 'Rescan' button.
  • Just to make things a bit easier, tap on the 'HDX UPNP MediaServer' and 'Naim Uniti' lines here to turn the tick off. You don't need to turn these off but it will make things simpler if you do, as long as you don't have any Uniti's.
  • Tap 'Search'.
  • Wait until your HDX is found. If it's not found after 30 seconds or so you can tap 'Done' and try again, but it should be found within 20 seconds.
  • Tap 'Done'.
Now your HDX should be the selected zone, the 'Zone' button will be renamed 'HDX...' and your current queue will be showing and everything should be working.
There is no album art on the HDX UPNP Server.
This is turned off by default on the HDX, you can turn it on by going in to Settings on the HDX front panel.

SongBook Mac

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